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Ascot Pro-G are pleased to provide a wide range of complementary products for the agricultural industry! 
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GREAT Fruit Fly Bait (GFFB) 

GREAT Fruit Fly Bait (GFFB) is a unique Hydrolysed protein bait formulation 
It is effective on both male and female flies, especially to newly emerged females in search of a food source for egg development 
GFFB is effective on different species of fruit flies 
It is also economic and easy to apply 
Proper application of GFFB can result in a reduced rate of fruit damage 
GFFB is cost effective in terms of productivity and utilising resources 
GFFB is bio-friendly and has no harfmul effect on the enviornment 
GFFB leaves no chemical residue on fruits so poses no health risk 




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