Plant Growth Regulators 

Our range of plant growth regulator products can be used to improve the quality of crops by mimicking the effects of naturally occurring plant hormones. We can offer products in a wide range of formulations based on single or multiple active ingredients.  
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Ethephon can provide multiple benefits for fruit crops, cereal crops, cotton, figs and sugar cane including reducing straw length, aiding harvesting, increasing yield and reducing the incidence of necking and brackling. 
Available formulations: Ethephon 48% SL. 


Trinexapac-Ethyl can be used in the regulation of grass species and crop growth to promote pre-harvest ripening in fruits (apples, berries, citrus, tomatoes and figs), sugar beet and coffee, post-harvest ripening in bananas, mangos and citrus, preventing lodging and increasing yield. 
Available formulations: Trinexapac-Ethyl 25% EC. 
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